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Our Log Home Services

Whether you need minor repairs, a full restoration or anything in between, we do it all. We love and appreciate the craftsmanship behind every log home and strive to protect them well into the future. Our Washington state based company has the skill, experience, and professionalism to bring your cabin back to it’s original beauty. Licensed, bonded and insured in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Stain Restoration

We specialize in removing failed finishes from all wood surfaces. Our log or cedar home restoration process is environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost effective. Our restorations can transform a dark, weathered log home into the showcase log home it was built to be. We take great pride in our work and strive to do the best possible job on each project, big or small.

Rot Repair

We offer the best rot repair services available. We steer away from using fillers or epoxies and only repair with new high-quality log material. We have developed a wide array of skills needed to “build backwards” and repair rotten logs, decks, and railings to their original beauty.


Every log home eventually needs some chinking. A good chinking job will leave your log home sealed against the elements, pests and drafts while maintaining the desired appearance of the log home. Our chinking is crisp, clean and long-lasting. We chink around each window and door, along gable-soffit lines, and around purlins and ridgepoles to completely seal each log home.

Rails, Decks & Beams

We do full deck replacements, custom log railing installations, and other various beam or log projects you may need. Our custom decks paired with a custom set of log railings will accent a beautiful log home for years to come.

Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC4 weeks ago
Wrapped up another beautiful restoration on this custom full scribe cedar log home here in the PNW. Looks brand new again after blasting, sanding, and coating with Sashco Capture in Wheat with a semi-gloss Cascade topcoat.
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC2 months ago
Nearing the end on this ongoing project on the eastside! We cleaned the interior, stained with a coat of Permachink Acrylic, and then chinked over the winter, then returned this spring to restore the exterior with Sashco Capture, and recently finished chinking. Some minor rot repair to come. Partner of ours Matt with Advanced Gutters & Roofing, LLC put on a beautiful metal roof last fall. Coming along nicely!
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC2 months ago
Another clean restoration completed! We started this one as a maintenance project. We washed it and applied new Defy over old original Defy and had poor results, which can sometimes happen when trying to use updated versions of a finish over old ones. After discussing options with the client, we shifted gears into a full restoration, which ultimately was the right call. Good communication and a flexible attitude is critical for good results! Blasted, sanded, and stained with Sashco Capture in Weathered Wood with a semi gloss Cascade topcoat. Sashco Log Homes
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC2 months ago
Bringing this beautiful cedar log home back to new! More pics to come.
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC2 months ago
Hard to believe this is the same old settler's cabin on Orcas Island! We recently finished up some chinking and were able to take a look at the finished remodel. Built in the late 1800's, this old cabin was used as shed and barn for nearly 100 years. We were called in to first assess if it was worth saving, then determine a plan to restore the interior and exterior. We first demoed the loft area and all mortar chinking (and dead rodents), blasted all logs, lightly sanded everything, stained with Sashco Capture on the exterior and Sashco Symphony on the interior (around five heavy coats), then chinked everything. We kept the fire damage intact which turned out great. Challenging project but very rewarding to see it completed since we finished our portion of the work. Sashco Log Homes
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC
Madrona Log Home Repair & Care LLC2 months ago
Tricky project we have started this week down on the Oregon coast. This home was unfortunately painted to hide 15-200 feet of rotten logs around the home. First picture shows the before blasting on the worst wall, second picture shows after blasting with glass media, and the third shows the finished sanded result. Lots of rot repair to come!

We always emphasize the importance of secondary preparation in restorations. Even with glass and the best blasting equipment with correct settings, most of the time there will be stain or paint remaining on the logs and a rough, un-even surface that will be blotchy and difficult to maintain in the future.

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